somewhere in Vancouver

September 25, 2006

“Please remember, this is a nonsmoking flight. If we find you are smoking, we will ask you to kindly step outside.”
— Flight attendant on very, very delayed Alaska Airlines flight, successfully trying to lighten the mood

Hello from lovely Vancouver, where it is at least a time zone I recognize (or did, before last week’s trip, which I like to call “My Luggage Is Back in Newark and So Am I”). I’m attending a grantwriting workshop, which is delightful not only for the content, but also because I really really like school. I know, I’m weird. The instructor had to start pretending not to see my raised hand after the first two hours. She is handling it graciously, but I’m a nightmare student and I know it. I’m engaged with the topic in a way that verges on manic. Even combined with the lack of afternoon coffee, not even the fact that my body is just certain it’s seven pm when it’s really only four could slow me down. Maybe it’s time to think about getting that PhD…

Then again, some of those sentences are pretty hairy, structurally speaking. Do they frown on that when you write a dissertation, or is that considered a bonus?


want Zen? try traveling

September 7, 2006

laptop, wireless, hot coffee
morning sunlight moves through the lobby —
my luggage is in Newark.

at the Faculty Academy

May 16, 2006

I’m sitting in a lovely auditorium at the University of Mary Washington, reveling in being at a conference where I am not a host (and reveling no less in the power outlet right here in the arm of my seat and the no-fuss wireless access… cool… if I had a tropical drink it would be just like a vacation!). Cyprien’s showing us stuff I had no idea Flickr could do, and explaining stuff that I knew it could do but couldn’t work out how.

I’ve also seen the neat stuff faculty here are doing with their courses. Wikis, blogs, digital storytelling, moviemaking — it’s all here. The faculty are sharing the process, the ups and downs, what worked and what didn’t, all with frankness and humor. There’s a fantastic atmosphere of support and a willingness to learn from each other that’s wonderful to see. I’m thrilled and honored to be a guest here.

Take a look at the conference blog — we’re writing it as we go!

I’ve Got the Flu in Texas

February 27, 2006

Sounds like a country-western song, doesn’t it? Actually I’m almost over the flu, and also almost out of Texas. It’s been an eventful week of sickness and travel since the last long-ago post, but in ten hours I’ll be home (a fact that elicits mixed feelings, given that it’s already almost six pm in Dallas). I’m sure I’ll have more to say after I’ve slept some. Stay tuned.

1001 Texas Miles / Home Again

February 14, 2006

I’m safe at home once again. During the ride from the airport Friday evening, the North Bay delivered on its promise of being a welcome sight after a day of travel. It was the dark-and-foggy version, one of my favorites.

As Larry pulled into his driveway Thursday evening at the offical end of the road trip, his trip odometer read 1001.4 miles. He drove to Dallas to meet me and Peter, so we only get credit for 750 of those miles. It was still an awful lot of Texas.

Now I’m wading through email, so if you sent me any over the past 10 days or so, please be patient. I’m getting there :-)

The Adventure Continues

February 8, 2006

We drove from New Braunfels to Houston today. On the way we passed through Seguin (pronounced “Seh-GEEN”), self-proclaimed home of the world’s largest pecan. There is, however, another contender for the title. Interestingly, it does not appear that a pecan has to be an actual pecan (i.e., the natural nut of a pecan tree) to compete. In the interest of full disclosure I offer this information and allow you, gentle reader, to draw your own conclusions.

We also passed the young man in this picture, who (rather unfairly I thought) exclaimed in astonishment when I poked my head up out of the sunroof to take his picture. How exactly am I the weird one here?

Tomorrow, Austin. Remember: love the journey! I sure am.

Dr. Pepper Museum, Waco, TX

February 8, 2006
Dr. Pepper Museum, Waco, TXDr. Pepper Museum, Waco, TX,
originally uploaded by Rachel Smith.

One of those photos I mentioned… More soon. This is the Dr. Pepper Museum in Waco, Texas, where we frittered away a delightful and nostalgic 45 minutes or so. For more Waco pix, browse my Flickr entries. I’m new at that, too, so most of them are from this trip :-)