Ninmah Meets World is about the intersection of my online identity (Ninmah), my offline identity (see below), and the rest of the world.

The name Ninmah comes from Sumerian mythology. This particular incarnation of Ninmah is also known as Rachel S. Smith, a more or less normal person who has a fantastic day job and spends many of her evenings playing World of Warcraft (look for that incarnation of Ninmah on Khadgar).


2 Responses to About

  1. Brian Button says:


    Did you ever get your SL whiteboard? I was just looking into it today, and I’d write one, but the functions to do it don’t seem to be there in LSL, as far as I can tell.

    Any new info since you asked for that over a year ago?


  2. ninmah says:

    Hi Brian,

    Nope — some developers looked into it, but decided it was not really feasible. I think it still isn’t. Thanks for the interest!


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