why is it so hard to write your own bio?

May 7, 2007

I’m at it again: updating the bio. I know I do a lot of work. I know a lot of it is interesting and exciting and fun (to me, anyway). So why the heck is it so hard to write it down? Even armed with tips from my colleague Jared Bendis, whose bio-writing skills awe and inspire, I’m still struggling to put into words what it is I actually do.

The occasion of the update is partly that I got a shiny new title: Vice President, NMC Services. Yup, that’s Ms. Veep to you. Although as my co-worker Alan notes, the family is having fun with the change. I got a celebratory clink of wine glasses, and then after that it was all teasing all the time. So that’s how a vice president fixes salad. I would have thought the avocadoes would be more neatly chopped. That looks more like a director’s salad to me… and so on.

Well, back to the bio. Out of curiosity, what do you all think I do?


still don’t get Twitter? try this

May 3, 2007

If you are one of those people who still don’t grok Twitter (and there are many, so don’t feel even a little bit bad about it), this may help explain it to you. Load the page, sit back in your chair, and just watch for a minute or two.

If you DO get Twitter, you should still look at the page because it will blow your mind. Plus, you might find someone you know…