at the Faculty Academy

I’m sitting in a lovely auditorium at the University of Mary Washington, reveling in being at a conference where I am not a host (and reveling no less in the power outlet right here in the arm of my seat and the no-fuss wireless access… cool… if I had a tropical drink it would be just like a vacation!). Cyprien’s showing us stuff I had no idea Flickr could do, and explaining stuff that I knew it could do but couldn’t work out how.

I’ve also seen the neat stuff faculty here are doing with their courses. Wikis, blogs, digital storytelling, moviemaking — it’s all here. The faculty are sharing the process, the ups and downs, what worked and what didn’t, all with frankness and humor. There’s a fantastic atmosphere of support and a willingness to learn from each other that’s wonderful to see. I’m thrilled and honored to be a guest here.

Take a look at the conference blog — we’re writing it as we go!


4 Responses to at the Faculty Academy

  1. Thanks for the endorsement, Rachel. Don’t forget to highlight your own impressive contributions to the conference.

  2. ninmah says:

    Conveniently enough, others have done so on the conference blog already, so I am relieved of the burden ;-)

  3. Gardner says:

    Can we do this again, tomorrow? What fun, and how wonderful it was to work closely with you and learn intensely from you for two days. It felt j u s t l i k e f l y i n g.

  4. ninmah says:

    Count me in! (So that’s what flying feels like!)

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