Lunch in Waco

Texas, that is. This week I’m on a road trip (emphasis on trip) with Larry and Peter (Johnson & Samis). It’s sort of a whirlwind tour of Texas – parts of it, anyway – that began in Dallas, takes us through New Braunfels, Houston, and Austin, and will end with me and Peter flying out of San Antonio on Friday. On our way from Dallas to New Braunfels today we stopped in Waco for lunch.

Waco is sprinkled with surprising architecture. The McLennan County Courthouse is lovely, although the main entrance is boarded up and one enters through a door under the stairs. Near where we had lunch we found a delightful building, an opinion evidently shared by many: it has its own website. The crown of the visit, though, was the Dr. Pepper Museum, an unexpected find that tempted us to actually park and go in. While Larry — who lives in Texas, after all — stood far enough away that he could disclaim any association with us two crazy Californians if worse came to worst, Peter and I snapped pictures of the soda fountain (and the actual soda jerk, who was a very nice young woman possessing the patience of several saints), the gift shop, the building’s façade, and each other enjoying our genuine fountain drinks. I had a Dr. Pepper (it seemed appropriate) which she mixed for me right there. Peter, ever adventurous, ordered a hot Dr. Pepper, also mixed at the counter, heated in a coffeepot-like thing and served with lemon. Wild.

I did take photos and will add those, um, let’s just say “later” since my schedule this week is so weird. Thank you, thank you to those of you who are commenting on and linking to my fledgling blog!


5 Responses to Lunch in Waco

  1. dlnorman says:

    Hot Dr. Pepper? sounds just plain nasty. Too bad Peter isn’t blogging – I’d love to hear his side of that :-)

  2. Gardner says:

    Actually, hot Dr. Pepper is pretty good. Strange but true. There was a big push for it during the late 60’s, and I had some then (the old formula, natch). I remember drinking it while caroling one Christmas….

    I’m envious of the trek to the Dr. Pepper museum, Rachel. Dr. Pepper and Heinz ketchup are my signature foods!

  3. dlnorman says:

    heh. still sounds pretty bizarre, but I’ll have to try it sometime. Recipe? so, you don’t just stick a can of Dr.P. into a microwave or something?

  4. ninmah says:

    All I can tell you (Gardner may be able to shed more light on this, and give you a recipe you can make in the event that you do not have a fully staffed soda fountain at your disposal) is that the soda jerk mixed Dr. Pepper syrup, carbonated water, and still water in a large shiny coffepot (the kind that sits on the stove, not the Mr. Coffee kind). She then stuck it on a burner and heated it, gently one assumes, for several minutes. Finally, she poured it into a styrofoam cup and added a slice of lemon. From what Peter said, the styrofoam and the shiny coffeepot added a great deal to the experience, so this may just be beyond the reach of the average consumer without a significant investment of time and resources, and a willingness to use styrofoam.

  5. Gardner says:

    Dr. Pepper recipes here:

    I have on at least two occasions ordered a case of Dr. Pepper from the last place in the U.S. that still uses cane sugar in its formulation:

    Worth every penny, and worth the agonizing wait. But only the bottled variety … cans need not apply.

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