Lovely San Francisco

I spent yesterday in San Francisco, planning a Pachyderm presentation with Peter Samis and Larry Johnson. After the meeting Peter and I engaged in a spontaneous critique of the artwork on the wall in the meeting room (it was surprisingly good, given that it was hanging up in a hotel). Peter is wicked smart, especially about modern art, and endlessly creative. He has also met all kinds of interesting people (there is some photographic evidence to support this) and tells the best stories. Mostly he did the critique and I did my best to follow along and contribute where I could :-)

I’m not a city girl but I love SF. It’s just weird enough to please without being terrifying, and there is beauty around every corner.


2 Responses to Lovely San Francisco

  1. Gardner says:

    Just got the trackback and here you are. Hurrah! Loving the blog already. And I’m deeply happy you remembered my line … which I meant from the bottom of my heart. I’m starting to think it’d be nice to have that on my tombstone, but I’ll consult with “Gothfather” Bryan on that one.

    Welcome! It was wonderful meeting you in SD.

  2. ninmah says:

    Thank you, Gardner! It was great to meet you too. The whole ELI experience was a total eye-opener for me in many ways… not the least of which was a whole new perspective on blogs. Thanks for the warm welcome!

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